Retirement Community Near St. Louis – The Top 10 Services To Consider

The time has come for you or one of your family members to begin thinking about an alternative way of senior living.

Perhaps you’re living alone and would like a more active social life, or maybe the idea of on-site medical care is quite appealing. Whatever your motivations, the task can be somewhat daunting.

Perhaps you’re thinking, where do I even find a 55+ retirement community near me? How am I supposed to know what I should be looking for?

According to Creating Results, 47% of independent living residents move into a home after two years of starting their search.

That means the process need not be rushed. It would help if you took all the time you needed to ensure you’re choosing a facility that perfectly fits your unique needs.

To make this process less overwhelming, we’ve gathered a list of the top ten amenities a retirement facility should offer.

We encourage you to use this as a guide as you search.

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1. Group & Individual Exercise Classes

2 Seniors doing Yoga outsideWith the influx of baby boomers now in the market for retirement communities, many prioritize health and wellness.

Group exercise classes are an essential amenity that your retirement community should offer.

Many communities will offer regular classes, including aquatics, group walking, tai chi, tennis, pickleball – and that’s to name a few.

The critical thing to remember here is that focusing on our health becomes ever more critical as we age.

And when you workout regularly with friends and neighbors, you’re more likely to stick with it and start seeing the benefits even sooner.

2. Modern Facilities

Many of the exercise and wellness classes occur in modern facilities. Pools, shuffleboard and tennis courts, golf courses, and yoga studios are some of the available facilities you might find in your search for a senior living community.

Some communities also include walking trails, beautifully landscaped gardens, and community lakes.

But exercise facilities aren’t the only type you’ll run into during your search.

Libraries, media rooms, business centers, and more are becoming more common in senior living communities.

3. Maintenance-Free Living

Maintenance CrewOne of the more burdensome aspects of homeownership is the maintenance required to keep a home in great shape.

But some senior living communities take day-to-day upkeep off your hands entirely, giving you the freedom to pursue all the social gatherings and wellness activities your heart desires.

The same maintenance services offered will vary from community to community. But some of you might see include:

    • Landscaping
    • Lawncare (mowing, sidewalk shoveling, leaf cleanup)
    • Home repair

Beyond that, many communities provide consolidated billing. So rather than paying 15 or even 20 different bills each month (electricity, internet, sewer, garbage, mortgage, etc.), you pay one single monthly due.

Again, the focus here is on taking out the annoying aspects of homeownership so you can focus on what matters—enjoying life.

4. Clubs & Activities

Couple Outdoors SmilingIn a study conducted by The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, 43% of adults 60 and older reported feeling lonely.

What’s more, loneliness during old age is associated with a higher risk of dementia, heart disease, stroke, and plenty of other ailments, according to the CDC.

Then, it makes sense that happiness and engagement after retirement are the main goals of social programs in these communities.

Happy hours, group walking classes, tournaments, cultural events, community outings, and more are standard in senior living communities.

Here, residents meet new people, connect with others, and have fun with new friends.

5. Housing Choices

Senior living facilities are not one-size-fits-all. And neither are their housing options.

Most communities provide a wide array of floor plans and styles, catering to your unique taste, needs, and budget.

From one-bedroom apartments to multi-floor condominiums, you’ll find plenty of variety when it comes to available housing options.

Home is where the heart is, and finding a space where you feel comfortable is an essential aspect of your transition.

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6. Transportation

The ability to enjoy the surrounding community is a hallmark of an independent senior living facility.

This is where transportation comes in.

While you may have the vehicle you’ve been using for years, it’s more convenient not to have to worry about driving from errand to errand.

And with the right community, you can get free transportation around town to your appointments.

Retirement communities may offer transportation to/from medical appointments, local shopping, and community events. Some even have fixed routes to popular destinations and cultural events.

7. Support Services (24/7 Medical Care, Nurses, etc.)

Nurse Taking VitalsOf course, as we age, our health and wellness need to be monitored more closely.

And while you may not need direct medical care yet, access to on-site medical specialists and nurses is a welcome component of most 55+ communities.

Many residents take comfort in knowing their community nurse is available when necessary.

Plus, these communities typically offer transitional care services. Develop a condition that needs more medical attention, for instance.

The community may make accommodations for long-term care options more quickly than if you were living at your current home.

8. Place of Worship

Spirituality and religion are an integral part of many residents’ lives as they age. That’s why it’s so important to some that there be a place of worship nearby, preferably within the community itself.

If this sounds appealing to you, be sure to find a faith-based retirement community that has a variety of religious amenities on-site.

For instance, chaplains may offer spiritual care in the form of non-denominational and/or Catholic religious services, prayer groups, and Bible study courses.

In addition, churches may also be located on-site, such as Cape Albeon, where regular services are held.

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9. A Dining Program

Gone are the days of bland, frozen food in retirement communities. These days, most residents are looking for gourmet food options prepared by dynamic chefs.

Many facilities offer dining programs that are tailored to your individual needs – anything from 1-3 meals a day, plus coffee and tea services.

And if you have unique nutritional needs, the best facilities will be able to cater meal plans specifically to those needs.

10. Opportunities for Growth

Along with comfort, health, and security, keeping the mind nimble is essential for retirement living.

Libraries and computer rooms are available for residents to use to keep up with current events and social media.

But beyond those facilities alone, many independent senior living communities host educational courses, too.

Speakers from local businesses and colleges may host workshops. Pastors may provide cross-religious studies for residents.

And there’s always something new to learn from other residents. Topics can range anywhere from gardening to retirement savings and beyond.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few frequently asked questions if you’re wondering, “What should I look for in over 55 communities near me?”

What Services Does a Retirement Community Offer?

Services can vary depending on the senior living community, but there are general amenities they should all offer.

These include:

    • Meal plans
    • Place of worship
    • Housing options
    • On-site medical care
    • Health and wellness activities
    • Clubs and events
    • Transportation
    • Lawn and home maintenance
    • Continuing education
    • Modern facilities

What Should I Look for in a Retirement Community?

There is no one-size-fits-all community that will work for everyone. Instead, it’s best to make a list of your priorities when seeking a community.

To start, many families look for communities located nearby and offer services at a cost that is within budget. Many people would like to make sure the community culture is the right fit and the services and amenities provided are high quality.

Maybe the thought of having three meals a day prepared for you is a top priority, or perhaps the promise of participating in a community club excites you.

A retirement community that is safe, clean, warm, and welcoming environment is all things you should expect.

It would help if you also looked for a community that offers the basic amenities included in all 55+ communities, especially those at the top of your wish list.

What Benefits Do Retirement Communities Have for Seniors?

There is a myriad of benefits to living in a retirement facility.

  • Do you desire a more active social life?
  • How about less time spent on home and lawn maintenance?
  • Or, you simply more time on leisurely activities like picturesque walks or cultural trips to local museums?

If you said yes to any of those, a quality retirement community is likely to offer it.

That being said, not all retirement communities are made equal. Some communities offer lots of premium benefits. Others provide just the basics.

That’s why it’s so important to spend the time finding the right retirement community for you. When you do, you can spend your golden years happier, healthier, and more engaged than ever.

The Harbor at Cape Albeon—Your New Community

The Harbor is a beautiful retirement village situated on a gorgeous lake—offering scenic sunsets, energizing mornings, and peaceful afternoons.

More than just picturesque, The Harbor takes pride in providing a safe, clean, and (above all) engaging senior living community.

Our residents enjoy a vibrant social life, plenty of scheduled and unscheduled activities, and a long list of facilities, resident perks, and cultural events.

Plus, there are lots of other amenities included too. Amenities like:

    • Gated community and 24-hour security
    • Place of worship
    • Health and wellness activities and group fitness classes
    • Social events and programs
    • Meals
    • Transportation services
    • Utilities and cable
    • On-site medical care and/or coordination of medical care

Choosing a 55+ community is a big decision and our experienced staff at Cape Albeon is more than happy to answer any of your questions.

We encourage you to schedule a tour today to get a better feel for harbor life. While you’re visiting, you can talk to the staff, grab a meal, and take in the culture and environment at The Harbor.

See what possibilities await!

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