Advantages of Retirement Homes In Todays Housing Market

With the housing market experiencing a meteoric rise in prices over the last few years, we detail the advantages of moving into retirement homes today.

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An Overview of Today’s Housing Market

The housing market has exploded in the last few years, with house prices rocketing up to unprecedented levels. According to roofstock, house prices in St. Louis increased by 14.2% in 2022.

It’s a seller’s real estate market, with more buyers than housing stock available. The value of homes is at an all-time high; if you wanted to maximize profits, now is a good time to sell your house.

Top Reasons to Move Now

Besides the current housing market, there are several other reasons to move sooner rather than later you should consider:

Peace of Mind

The later you leave retirement plans, the more of a concern they become. Moving while you are still healthy and able removes the fear of becoming a burden to others in your life, and puts the control firmly back into your hands.

Retirement communities are gated and secure, and worries about crime and break-ins are less likely.

Maintain Health & Wellness

Falling into a sedentary lifestyle is all too easy in retirement. A retirement community will have the facilities and classes to keep you healthy and happy. Health and wellness classes can range from swimming, golf, and yoga, to simple walking groups.

The Social Side

Loneliness is a problem in the older population. Living in a 55+ community places you immediately into a welcoming group of people with similar lifestyle experiences; giving you the chance to forge new friendships and surround yourself with like-minded people daily.

Financial Security

Moving into a retirement home will give your finances an initial boost, as the profits from selling your house will give you a healthy financial cushion. Your finances will be safe and secure, and no longer beholden to a fluctuating housing market.

No Lack of Real Estate Inventory With a Community

By joining a 55+ community, you bypass all the worries and stress of dealing with real estate. A lack of real estate inventory, which has become a significant problem in the last few years, isn’t a concern; one of the advantages of retirement homes is they operate nearly entirely separately from the rest of the housing market.

Low Maintenance Lifestyle

Retirement should be a time to put your feet up and enjoy the spoils of a well-earned rest. A lifetime of work shouldn’t transfer into retirement: in a 55+ community, we handle all the cooking, cleaning, and manual labor.

Better Nutrition

With meals prepared and expertly cooked every day, no meals and important nutrients will be skipped; a nutritional diet tailored to the needs and palettes of older generations helps residents to maintain their health and strength.

Personal Care

Having people looking out for you and your health is no bad thing. Retirement communities offer services like medication management and assistance with bathing and dressing, while still maintaining your independence and dignity.

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What are the Benefits of Downsizing to a Smaller Home

The Cottages at Cape

There are many benefits to downsizing to a smaller home; some you may have already considered, others less so.

One of the most obvious benefits of downsizing is the financial side.

When you sell your larger home to move into a smaller house, the profit margin can be substantial.

With this extra influx of income, most people can live very comfortably into retirement.

What you may not have considered a benefit is the smaller size itself.

A reduction in space may seem like a negative side to downsizing, but it is also a reduction in responsibility.

With a smaller home, you have to do less work to maintain it; upkeep, repairs, and tidying are at a more manageable level, and all the heavy-lifting is taken care of.

Downsizing before retirement is a pre-emptive move that will place you in a good position financially for your twilight years.

Moving while still physically fit is also much easier, as the stress of moving house will take less of a toll on your body.

Retirement Options to Consider

Depending on your stage of life and health, there are a few retirement options for you to consider:

Retirement Living

Retirement livingCape Albeon Retirement Home Neighborhood offers a stress-free lifestyle that allows you to truly enjoy your newfound leisure time.

One of the greatest benefits of joining a retirement community is the combination of independence and support you receive.

For retirement living, residents will have their own private space but enjoy daily cooked meals and the knowledge that help is never too far away if they need it.

Access to excellent facilities like a pool, gym, and health and wellness classes keep you in shape, while the social side of living in a like-minded community is perhaps the greatest strength of retirement living.

Social excursions to the shops and cultural events, happy hour with live music and a glass of wine, and a stroll around the lake: retirement living at Cape Albeon ensures the resident’s every need is met, and that they fully enjoy this new and sometimes daunting stage of their lives.

Assisted Living

Assisted living is, in most things, the same as retirement living. It just comes with a little extra hands-on help.

Most of us will eventually be susceptible to the frailties of old age – with assisted living, it is a comfort to know that all of your needs are taken care of.

Three meals a day are included, as well as medication management, assistance with bathing and dressing, access to doctors and physical therapy sessions, and 24-hour personal care.

Residents are treated with the utmost care and respect, and every step is taken to ensure their dignity is maintained, while also providing a fulfilling lifestyle that incorporates recreational and social activities.

Cape Albeon, a St. Louis Retirement Community

Cape Albeon is a not-for-profit faith-based senior living community in southwest St. Louis County.

Founded on the ideals of The Good Samaritan Home, which served the elderly of St. Louis for nearly 150 years.

As a senior living community, we prioritize the spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being of our residents.

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We believe that retirement is a time of your life to celebrate and enjoy.

After a lifetime of hard work, retirement is a deserved break; at Cape Albeon, we provide luxurious accommodations with a wide range of leisure activities to indulge in.

While offering support, we strive to preserve our residents’ independence and dignity. Compassion, respect, and integrity are essential when providing care for the elderly.

We appreciate how important a decision choosing a retirement home is; whether it is for yourself, or a dear loved one, you will want a home that is right for your family.

Cape Albeon offers retirement living, assisted living, respite care, and memory care to provide for elderly people at all stages of their lives and capabilities.

There’s no better way to make a judgment of a community than to see it for yourself.

Request a tour of the excellent facilities at Cape Albeon, where all your questions will be answered, and to put your mind at ease.

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What is the Point of a Retirement Home?

A retirement home offers people of retirement age the chance to maintain their independence, providing the care necessary with age. Their safe, secure environment allows people to remain independent, but with some support.

Are Old People Happy in Retirement Homes?

Unfortunately, no blanket statement can speak for all retirement homes. However, in a respected, reputable retirement home, elderly people live happy lives. We provide high-quality facilities, attention to detail, and excellent care at Cape Albeon.

Is Moving to a Retirement Community a Good Idea?

Moving into a retirement community is often a good idea if you are in the right age group. We will cater to all of your needs, with health, nutrition, and that all-important social interaction promptly taken care of.