A Poem By An Inspired Guest

Valentine’s Day, 2017:

Placidly serene the two small lakes,
between which stretch the cottages,
lie almost undetected midst the
bustling city traffic racing by to get
to who knows where – as city dweller
it’s your duty to be on the move, to
shop, fuel up the cars, participate in
happy hour; there’s no lack of places
you can be if that’s your thing.

But there’s another place, a quiet one,
where city noises don’t intrude; yet
there is laughter, music, conversation,
social interaction, even worship in an
atmosphere of caring/sharing, mutual
respect, which soothes the nerves and
smoothes the routines of its residents,
Cape Albeon; where regardless of one’s
physical abilities or limitations, caring help
and positive encouragement is offered
at every turn, which provides what most
folks need and seem to be in short supply,
individual human dignity.

So, if you’ve come to visit, Welcome!
But if you’ve come to stay, Welcome home!

by Edward E Kindley

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